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When Karl, an interplanetary ranger, discovers unexplained military ID tags at the scene of a terrorist attack, he sets off to visit the recently discovered Planet Earth. As he makes landfall in the heart of London, amidst the grandeur of the Festival of Fashion and Flowers, a sinister plot unfolds.

Welcomed by Regent Sayginn, a young widow fighting to secure her son’s future after the brutal assignation of his father and brother, Karl's arrival coincides with the glittering festivities and a critical political debate on the future of Earth's Space Defense Force – the enigmatic Dome Militant.

Yet all this is upstaged by a chilling turn of events: Prince Teodor, Sayginn’s last living son is kidnapped by a rogue unit from within the very organization that was meant to protect him.

As the hours slip away, and hope dwindles, Karl wrestles with a moral dilemma. His diplomatic role restrains him, yet his admiration for Regent Sayginn's unwavering resolve urges him to cast aside protocol. The fate of her only son hangs in the balance, and Karl must decide whether to embrace his true powers to defy the shadows threatening to consume them all.

A kidnapped prince, an enigmatic regent, and the looming unknown. Will you be the catalyst for Earth's salvation, or will it succumb to the veiled forces within?

Read Born of Empire and join Karl on a gripping journey through political maelstroms, dark conspiracies, and a race against time. In a world teetering on the edge of chaos, can he resist the call to action and save a planet from political and economic chaos?

★★★★★The author's skilful and enveloping narrative will keep readers on edge. Amazon Review, June 2023

Born of Empire

SKU: 9781739283773
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