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hree Days, Two Boys, One Planet. Two teens born two days apart, they should never have met, and yet when they did they are thrown into a life-changing adventure, as they seek to save themselves and all humanity from an unimaginable alien infestation attack on planet Earth.

An action-packed sci-fi thriller, "Born of Empire" delivers an adrenaline-fueled adventure.

In the future, Earth has expanded in an empire of 12 planets, Prince Teodor Windsor was the heir to the throne of Earth and the next emperor of the Dodecahedral until he was taken.

Last night, unregistered orphan, 
Guy Erma, witnessed Teodor beaten and imprisoned, yet he did nothing. Why did he not shout the alarm, point to the prince in distress, or tell a single soul? Because Guy knows the name of the Prince’s captor and also the price of speaking out.

Teodor, finds himself trapped by corrupted Battle Borgs of Earth Space Defense Force. He is their future king, but as long as he is captive, his democratic government is at risk and the future control of the planet's military establshment hangs in the balance. Teodor knows he must escape, as soon as he sees a chance. But when this chance takes the form of a boy wearing the black and gold uniform of his captors, Teodor has to make a crucial decision: Can he trust him? Dare he trust him? If not him, who else is there?

Welcome to “Son Of Empire,” where unlikely alliances are forged, and salvation rests in the hands of the most unexpected heroes.

Prepare yourself for an action-packed adventure, where two boys from opposite ends of the social spectrum must navigate a treacherous web of intergalactic politics, where no one is guaranteed the luxury of survival as the fate of their world hangs by a thread.

Son of Empire

SKU: 9781739283711
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